Englisch – 9 E-Kurs – Prümm/Lütz

Hello everyone,
I hope you started already with the first part of the tasks from last Thursday. If not – you have a lot to do by now!!!
I know we are at the moment at school not in the course system, but during your homeschooling you are doing your work from your course starting today!!! In our „classroom- lessons“ we are also trying to work with different tasks for you. As we’re going to prepare you for your exams in December. I’m going to check your work from my course (pruemm.anna@sankt-josef-honnef.de) and Ms Rüddel (rueddel.theresa@sankt-josef-honnef.de) is going to check the work from Mr Lütz-Ackmann’s course.


  1. Read the story in your textbook on page 39-41
  2. Work with the text: p. 41 ex. 3 in your exercise book
  3. Write an ending to the story p. 39 ex. 4b – If you need help you can find it on page 160! You can either write it in your exercise book or write it on the computer.
  4. Please send us your story ending latest by Friday 27th November – Lütz E Kurs is going to send it to Ms Rüddel, Prümm E Kurs is sending it to Ms Prümm – Please send a pdf-file or word-doc!!!

p. 195 blue box (Values and standards) + Revision of p. 194/195

As you are in different classes your TZ is on different days. So please check here what you have to do on your TZ-DAY! It can be during your time in homeschooling or at school:
workbook page 32

You’re going to be at school, but I won’t be back until next week. So here is your task for Thursday as well. Please do it in your English lessons at school. 🙂

  1. textbook p. 42 „Swimming with the pigs“

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