Englisch- E- Kurs – Prümm/Lütz

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well and healthy – Stay safe, and hopefully, we’ll see each other next week again.

TASK: Young Caribbeans (Thursday, 8th lesson)

  1. Read the text on page 34.
  2. Work with the text: Work on page 35 ex. 2 a+b
  3.  Give your opinion:  What do you think is more important?  Work on page 35 ex. 3 a and b  – Write it down instead of speaking!!!

TZ Englisch (Thursday, 9th lesson):

You have to write a Caribbean story. The exercise is on p. 33 ex. 9 in your textbook. The worksheet which I handed out on Tuesday, should help you to structure your story.