Dear 10a,

I hope you all had wonderful winter holidays and a good start into the New Year!

I just wanted to tell you that you please order the following practice book for out ZP coming in May.

We are going to work with this book from the coming week onwards. So please make sure that you order it timely! 😉

You don´t have to order the solutions, I will upload them after every chapter we worked on and will copy it for you when we are back at school.

Further information are following on Sunday.

And what I also wanted to tell you: I corrected your class test and what shall I say? Excellent work 10a!!!

1: 0 – 2:10 – 3:19 – 4:2 – 5:0 – 6:0 Average: 2,7!

I´m pround of!

By the way: those who haven´t sent me the video make sure you do! Try with WeTransfer- that worked on very well. If you don’t know what to do ask your classmates.

I wish you a nice day and looking from hearing from you soon,

Mrs. Rüddel

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