Englisch – 10b and 10c – Prümm

Hey everyone,
seems like you are stuck at home for the next two days. So let’S get to work and this time. This time you have to send me your work latest by Tuesday 15:00 (Pruemm.anna@sankt-josef-honnef.de) – Please use a pdf-file or a doc-file which is named with your class and your name so I can easily correct it and send it back to you!

TASK (Monday – One Lesson and Tuesday – One Lesson)

  1. After you worked on page 37/38 on your „Going green- skills“, you’re writing another written discussion:
    p. 37 ex P2 Writing „No driving on Sunday“
    a+b+c – and send it to me!!!!
  2. NEW VOCABULARY: p. 177 Part B – p. 179 „on the other hand“ – Voctest next week Monday (23.11.2020)

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